Throughout isolate, the two loved rotating that prepared for a night out together day, or “Sunday Funday,” since the couple refers to they.

Brandt accepted Hernandez to table playground, in Birmingham: the exact same location that couples have their particular 2nd big date. The two sat on a grassy hill, contributed each of Hernandez’s favorite appetizers and Brandt pitched his plan for the afternoon: both of them comprise travelling to has a painting event to painting anything they desire, and wait to see whose is better.

Brandt decorated themselves suggesting to Hernandez.

When they both done artwork, the two set right back everything except their particular canvases on the automobile and started walking on an exclusive chase inside park your car. Hernandez honestly held out and about the woman material, but Brandt put his into a plastic case to hide the decorating from her. Because they started to walk on the walkway, there’s an opening with a serene creek and rocks managing alongside it. (more…)