Defining Lex, the fresh new minimalist queer online dating software?

This application ‘s all content and no selfies.

Ita€™s queer, ita€™s right here, and ita€™s renting queer users meet queer parents over beers. Lex, the devoted mobile phone software through the Instagram membership formerly usually a€?Personals,a€? happens to be survive iOS and Android. Also it currently includes (very nearly) whatever youa€™d want in a queer romance app.

Lex managed a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 for a devoted app, along with cellular event eventually has gone survive Nov. 7, 2019. The working platform is constructed by and then for any queer people who are not cis people, and from platonic relationships to hook-ups to kink agreements to intimate goes tend to be more than pleasant on Lex. Ita€™s a brand new breath if your Bumble account has become some a dud.

But what precisely may Lex application, how does it work, and whoa€™s permitted to put it to use? (more…)